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Jurassic 5

Word of Mouth Reunion Tour

Jurassic 5

Dilated Peoples, Beat Junkies (Rhettmatic), MC Supernatural

Tue, July 29, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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Nashville, TN

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Jurassic 5
Jurassic 5
The moment was ripe for renewal. In the center of the stage was a huge, almost cartoonish turntable anchored by the Jurassic 5 logo in its center. Scratches are heard from DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist, the beat drops and Zaakir emerges, mic in hand, followed by Chali 2na’s distinct, baritone cadence. Then Marc 7 and Akil join the onstage theatrics and for a moment it felt like 1997 all over again. Not bad for a group that called it quits in 2007. This was 2013 and like David Bowie once said: “It was alright...the band was back together.” Jurassic 5 was in fact formed of six members; two DJs/Producers coupled with four distinct rappers who, when performing sequences simultaneously, was perfectly tempered, making their early releases stand above the experimental rap that was burgeoning at the time. They weren’t throwback or old school, but they embodied a nostalgic sound that was also at once fresh. Their first release, The Jurassic 5 EP, had songs like “Concrete Schoolyard” and “Jayou”, quickly turned heads to their relaxed yet detailed sound. It also contained “Lesson 6: The Lecture”, an instrumental opus that underscored the group’s deep production value. Fans worldwide became aware of J5’s dynamic stage
show during this era. Their next release, a gold selling Quality Control, was a more fully realized effort which was a charting album on the Billboard Charts, peaking at #43 and largely introduced them to the masses worldwide. Tracks like “Quality Control”, “Jurass Finish First” and “Swing Set” – became the group’s signature sound, a development of intricate yet
simple back-and-forth group dynamics accompanied by deep rooted production from Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark. As momentum snowballed, their next effort, Power in Numbers produced “Day At The Races” featuring legendary Big Daddy Kane and a Hip Hop classic entitled “What’s Golden” which led the group to performances on national television including Conan Obrien and David Letterman. Feedback (released and distributed worldwide by Interscope) both reached #15 on the Billboard Charts in 2006, would be their last official outing, as Cut Chemist left to pursue solo works. They toured the globe,
made fans internationally while many rediscovered their back-catalogue. A year later, the group parted ways. In the years in between, their lore grew on soundtracks and in video games. Members’ solo efforts were well received. Given that everyone left amicably, a reunion was always possible, and yielded two huge European tours when it finally did. A performance at Japan’s Fuji Rock was particularly praised which led to more large-scale North American tour-stops. It had been sixteen years
since their “playground tactics, the rabbit in a hat trick” and not a beat had skipped. The six-member tribe, now of age and full of know-how, are reaching a stage in their career where their full rise will be marked in an upcoming documentary feature currently in the works. This March J5 will tour Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. In June they are back
in Europe for a 3 week run...Then in July and August, their spectacular ‘Word Of Mouth’ Tour featuring Dilated Peoples, The World Famous Beat Junkies. As DJ Nu-Mark aptly told the LA Times before their reunion at Coachella, this right here is a “Rebirth”.

Worldwide Representation: CAA by Jenna Adler +1 424-288-2000

Dilated Peoples
Dilated Peoples
Don't be fooled by the title of Dilated Peoples's latest release, "Expansion Team." This trio is far from new to the game.
Having already stomped their footprints into hip-hop's official underground scene, leading LA's hip-hop renaissance, Evidence Rakaa (Iriscience), and Babu are about to take it to the next level and establish a new platform for themselves.
Evidence explains, "An expansion team is a new team in the league. We're coming into the game. We've been doing this for a while, but this is our major league run."
Though "Expansion Team" marks Dilated Peoples'second major label release, it is still hip-hop in its purist form. With their usual blend of hip-hop elements (Mcing, Djing, and graffiti writing), the LA-natives have expanded their sound to appeal to the masses,
"This album was recorded as a complete piece, so it will show more continuity and flow," says Rakaa, of the careful recording process that went into the record. "We have a broader range of topics to speak on. We're still showing our wordplay and battle rhyme skills, but on this record, we tried to stay away from doing just that. It's more concept- driven. We're still the same machine, just more oiled," Rakaa assures.
And the explanation is the science behind the soon-to-be anthem "Worst Comes To Worst." Produced by Alchemist, a close member of Dilated's extended family, the song shows Dilated at it best, complete with clever rhymes and a sophisticated backdrop. Evidence remarks, "It's a feel good record. We went through 100 beats and this is the one we picked."
In addition to handling their own production, Dilated has enlisted the help of a couple of East and Left coast heavy hitters, including the beat maestro himself DJ Premier, to add their expertise to "Expansion Team."
Dialated recruited Da Beatminerz to blaze "Trade Money" and on the Juju (of Beatnuts fame) produced "Self Defense," the crew kicks battle rhymes that will have heads hitting their rewind button. Guest vocalists include Black Thought of the Roots on the Babu-produced "Hard Hitters" and Tha Liks on "Heavy Rotation" produced by Evidence.
Widely recognized for their solid performance skills, the group transferes that energy onto wax with "Live On State." On "Dilated Junkies," Babu showcases his ill-turntablism, making Expansion Team a more complete rap music experience.
Dilated Peoples will continue to build bridges that connect hip-hop purists to the masses. Babu sums up, "I feel like this is our first album. It's an album of all three minds on the same path. The growth is tremendous. I think it's going to open new ears, while still being true to original base."
Beat Junkies (Rhettmatic)
MC Supernatural
MC Supernatural
Supernatural (aka MC Supernatural) is a rapper known for his skills in freestyling. Hailing from Indiana, "Supernat" moved to NYC and soon became a New Yorker. Through the years, he became a legend in the realm of freestyle emcee battles.

While serving as host to Rock The Bells annual hip-hop festival 2006, Mc Supernatural broke the record for delivering the longest freestyle rap. 9 hours 15 min!