Strange 90's
Rockstars Playing Anthems of the 90's - A Benefit for The Beat of Life

Strange 90's

All Ages
Strange 90's Nashville: A Benefit for The Beat of Life, Real rock-stars covering Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Radiohead, Gin Blossoms + more

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Strange 90's is a fully immersive experience that creates strange supergroups to perform the anthems of the 90's in a venue designed to recreate the atmosphere of the time. Fans are encouraged to get the flannel out, throw on a Jennifer Aniston or Kurt Cobain wig and enter the time warp to join us in the pre-digital-aged splendor of music‘s most exciting decade. When you’re not watching your favorite rock-stars performing your favorite songs, explore our 90's playland with a Saved By The Bell Pop Up diner, fully immersive virtual reality world, a live graffiti art mural and more...

All proceeds benefiting The Beat of Life, serving the mental health/criminal justice space by enlisting songwriters to teach inmates to write and perform music.

Performing Artists:

  • Ajay & Jeremy Popoff (LIT)
  • Richie Faulkner (JUDAS PRIEST)
  • Matt Thiessen (RELIENT K)
  • Jennie Vee (EAGLES of DEATH METAL)
  • Chet Roberts (3 DOORS DOWN)
  • Sean Nelson (HARVEY DANGER)
  • Slim Jim Phantom (STRAY CATS)
  • Rich Redmond (JASON ALDEAN's band)
  • Dez Dickerson (Prince's REVOLUTION BAND)
  • Jeffrey Steele
  • Ira Dean
  • Bridgette Tatum
  • KASL
  • Jessica Cayne
  • Keesy Timmer
  • Matt Warren
  • Danny Myrick
  • Josh & Ryman Wooten
  • Kim McLean
  • Sarah Jane Nelson
  • Brian Irwin and more!

Hosted by Jessie McNamara

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