WAKAAN Expansion Tour with Liquid Stranger

W/ Ravenscoon
All Ages

About This Event

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Artist Info

Liquid Stranger

In an ever-evolving universe, the art of maintaining complete and total fluidity is the most necessary key for survival. Renowned for his metamorphic capabilities and expertly crafted sonic adventures, Liquid Stranger has mastered his ability to slip in and out of genres all while honing his own personal style. Liquid Stranger has earned his reputation for exuding incommensurable talent and taking audiences on a soul-stirring aural journey of genre-bending beats on the dance floor. He has performed at some of the most innovative events and festivals around the globe. Those who are unfamiliar with his music often tend to categorize him as only a heavy dubstep artist, which is anything but the truth. The most effervescent quality of Liquid Stranger is his ability to shift from genre to genre all while maintaining a sense of smoothness and consistency, which in turn makes him one of the most unpredictable artists to date. In a sense, he has ended genre barriers for the sake of musical storytelling taking whatever sounds he needs to put forward the intended vibe. Liquid Stranger's omnifarious approach to music has led him to stand out amongst a pack of artists desperately trying to conform to a commercial demand. Proven to be a timeless staple to the world of electronic dance music by bridging the gap between mellow and heavy, what's next can not be foreseen for this contrastive musician.


Paul Conversano, aka Ravenscoon, is an electronic music producer & DJ from San Francisco, California, who combines influences of death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock with experimental bass music.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, his unique flair of southern roots compliment pulsating dream-like bass lines and psychedelic arpeggios to create something uniquely fresh yet also familiarly nostalgic.

His passion and love for electronic music is present in both his original songs and his wildly popular mixtape series. No genre goes untouched - from dubstep, trance, rap, trap, drum & bass, halftime, psytrance, and more - each Ravenscoon live set is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

From sold out headlining shows to supporting industry-leading bass music acts - Ravenscoon has made a statement that he's just getting started.

Zeke Beats
ZEKE BEATS blends hip-hop and grime influences with his signature analogue basslines for a distinct sound that's dirty, crunchy and always futuristic. It’s the sort of bass that keeps dancefloors burning and sweat dripping down walls.
Shanghai Doom b2b Sharlitz Web
Shanghai Doom is a rising experimental bass duo hailing from Central Jersey. Since their start in 2017, the duo has found their inspiration within the more sinister things in life, dipping into many different sounds and styles to create their masterfully blended dark tones and heavy basslines. Shanghai Doom has established their unique niche within the electronic music community and are dominating it.

Fueled by the pain and beauty of all that life has to offer, Sharlitz Web enters the scene to influence the spread of deeper love through deeper venomous freakquencies. Tangling listeners into her web of liquid basses, dark melodies, and hybrid beats, Sharlitz Web transforms low, heartfelt frequencies into supernatural vibrations.
Zen Selekta
Straight from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and embracing the cultural richness of her Spanish heritage, Nicole, widely recognized as Zen Selekta, makes music that gracefully intertwines moody, deep, and dark frequencies with ethereal melodies and ethnic influences.

Drawing inspiration from every corner of life, she finds creative sparks in books, films, spiritual practices like meditation, nature hikes, and meaningful conversations with strangers. She finds magic in the wonders of our diverse world and the cultures that intertwine within it, weaving these influences into her music.

Her musical journey is not merely about beats but also about a higher purpose. Zen aspires to establish her own record label, taking her captivating sound across continents, and curating events that reflect her artistic vision. Above all, she aims to leave a profound legacy, one that brings joy, happiness, and healing to others through the power of her music and her platform as an artist.