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PLEASE NOTE - Marathon Music Works is a cashless venue. Only debit or credit cards are accepted at our bars, box office and guest services window. Please plan accordingly.
PLEASE RIDESHARE - Parking is limited around the venue. We strongly recommend using rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft for transportation to and from the venue. There is a designated rideshare pick up / drop off location near the entrance for your convenience.

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Artist Info

Magnolia Park
Defying the rules of what a band can be, Magnolia Park breaks through the gates as they establish what the future of pop punk and alternative music will become. 
 Magnolia Park consists of Josh Roberts (vocals), Tristan Torres (guitar), Jared Kay (bass), Vincent Ernst (keys), Joe Horsham (drums) and Freddie Criales (guitar). In 2020, they developed a strong online presence through a consistent stream of engaging and clever content. With their breakout single, “Sick of It All'', the group generated millions of fans and became one of the first artists to go viral on TikTok attracting 320k followers and gaining 3.5M likes. 
 With the resurgence of pop punk, they dove headfirst into music and unleashed their smash mixtape “Dream Eater” debuting hits like Love Me (featuring Kellin Quinn), Back On My Bullshit (featuring iamjakehill), TDH2S (featuring Ollie Baxxter) and more. 
 With 2021 marking the return of the music industry, Magnolia Park takes flight releasing their newest Mixtape “Halloween Mixtape”. The next era of pop punk is here and Magnolia Park is ready to take charge. 
 Pop Punk
Stand Atlantic

bios suck dude

Scene Queen
Hi I’m Scene Queen! I’m plastic, fantastic, and musically dramatic.
The Home Team

Seattle heavy pop. Real Rockers Only.

Honey Revenge
Honey Revenge consisting of Devin Papadol (vocals) and Donovan Lloyd (guitar) are a pop-rock band creating a buzz out of Los Angeles, CA. The band is taking the music scene by storm with new singles "Worst Apology" and “Airhead” being the lead up to their massive track, "Habitual" -- “"Habitual” is a fun, dancy reflection of my own negative attitude. Sometimes it’s important to acknowledge how much your mindset can affect your mental health and overall quality of life.” Says Devin Papadol regarding the song. Their single “Are You Impressed” has gained notable support from Radio 1. The duo have spent the past year working on their debut record, 'Retrovision', collaborating with producers Josh Strock (MGK, Motionless in White, Ice Nine Kills), Zach Jones (AS IT IS, Nova Twins) and Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Issues.) Honey Revenge has been featured by Rock Sound, idobi radio, MTV, Kerrang! and State Of The Scene Podcast. Honey Revenge has three national tours with performances to countless sold out crowds under their belt. They have previously shared the stage with acts such as Loveless, The Home Team, Arrows In Action, Rain City Drive and State Champs. This fall the duo will headline their first headline tour "THE RETROVISION TOUR", and touring with The Used in the UK this December. Honey Revenge has prepared a hive worthy of the approaching swarm with their debut record, 'Retrovision' is out now via Thriller Records.

Letdown. While everyone else was learning to garden or make bread from scratch in 2020, Blake Coddington was busy finding a new way to musically express himself. The Chicago-based rocker launched Letdown. (period included), a new project that features his powerful range of vocals and deeply personal lyrics over catchy guitar hooks and hypnotizing drum beats.

Or in Coddington’s words, “It’s just me crying about my problems.”

But while the songwriter — who could pass as Jason Momoa playing the lead role in a film about rock ‘n roll — may be a little facetious in the description of his own music, Coddington’s mental health struggles have served as a primary creative focus for Letdown. thus far. The Big Loud Rock artist is looking to share his experiences to let others know that they’re not alone in their own struggles, and he’s found a home already in large swathes of the internet.

“I write music not only as therapy for myself, but for others who feel they are spread too thin, falling short or just not good enough,” Coddington explains.

In just six months, Letdown. saw 500k followers on TikTok, more than 265k monthly listeners on Spotify, and nearly 100k on Instagram — and that’s before counting the 12+ million streams Coddington’s singles have picked up. Of course, the emotionally vulnerable rocker is fully aware that TikTok hasn’t exactly become a bastion of heavier music just yet, and his bearded and tattooed look stands out from the platform’s assortment of teenage pop stars and dance routines.

“I started posting on TikTok because I figured if all these guys doing pop music can do it, then I can at least put myself out there a little bit,” Coddington says. “I didn't expect much, but then I started going to bed every night and waking up with 50,000 or 100,000 new followers. The first video I posted did like 500,000 views in the first three hours, and I didn't know what to do with that because I came from a world where you make music, put it on YouTube to show to your friends, and 10 years later it has like 100 views.”

At the time, Coddington was working a dead-end job (that he hated) in Indiana, and Letdown. was just supposed to be a little creative and emotional outlet for his spare time. But after achieving his initial online success, music (and getting people to listen to it on platforms outside of just TikTok)  became a much larger focus for the artist. Ten singles, a handful of music videos, and bigger streaming and social numbers than he ever thought he’d see later, Coddington is ready to take the next step in his musical journey and start bringing his music live to the fans who have stuck with him throughout the pandemic.

“Touring is the only thing I can think about these days,” Coddington says. “I lose sleep over it every night. I dream of playing music in front of people every day, so touring is hopefully going to be a big part of the next few years of my life. I just want to get on the damn road!”

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