Paranormal Rocktivity

Lightning 100's

Paranormal Rocktivity

The Protomen, Devo 615 Allstars, ELEL

Saturday, October 27

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$20 - $45

This event is all ages

Join Lightning 100 for their annual Halloween bash - Paranormal Rocktivity

Benefiting MusiCares

Costume Policy:

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The Protomen
The Protomen
The eight uniform-clad Protomen deliver epic songs with all the driving fury of the most bombastic hard rock hits of the '80s, and all the theatricality of the most over-the-top '70s prog. Queen, Bowie, Genesis, Styx, Springsteen, Journey, and Scorpions are some reference points for the uninitiated.

The Protomen's storyline begins with the debut album, Act I: Hope Rides Alone, a post-apocalyptic tale of a dystopian world, followed by Act II: The Father of Death, a prequel, produced by Alan Shacklock (Meatloaf, Roger Daltrey). Act III is currently still in the works, but the recent "This City Made Us" track hints at what is to come – "This City Made Us" drives forward with an '80s sound worthy of the Top Gun soundtrack.

Since forming over a decade ago, The Protomen have been a favorite at festivals like Bonnaroo, SXSW, Warped Tour, Bamboozle, CMJ, and Comic Con, and have been handpicked by Tenacious D to open for them on more than one occasion. Whether rocking a big stage or a dirty dive, The Protomen deliver a feast for the eyes and ears and add new converts to their massive following.
Devo 615 Allstars
Devo 615 Allstars
Featuring members of The Shins, The Raconteurs, The Pink Spiders, The Long Winters, Superdrag, Earl Burrows, Montessori Dads, & more very special guests performing Devo classics. Typically known as The Remasters when performing one-off charity shows featuring one single album from a classic band.
"These are survival songs" says Ben Elkins. "They've kept me alive this year.”
Life as he’d known it since forming the band in 2014 fell to pieces. The thing that kept him going was working on the next new song. “It’s not so much that I get my feelings out in these songs that helps me, it’s more just the mere act of making something from nothing. It’s made me feel like I’m worth a damn. And that I can keep going”
Survival brings clarity, and Ben, along with two founding members Tim Cook and Zach Tichenor, have clearly found their way forward. They’ve recorded a slew of new songs and have started to release them one by one, beginning with “Be Yeah” earlier in 2018.
Now ELEL release their second single of 2018 “Early In The Morning,” a brash pop song not unlike their break-out “40 Watt,” the lead single off their debut album “Geode” (Mom+Pop Music). Elkins solo vocal is unveiled in this electric smash as he sings of his longing to be closer to someone he loves.
The band has been quite for a year, after touring the country, appearing in a feature film, and riding the wave of their debut release. ELEL are now excited for their next phase- releasing and touring on new, explosively lively pop songs made during an impossible year. Says Elkins, “When everything falls apart, you stop being careful with your art. You get messy and go out of bounds. I wanted to see what we could make if we took away the rules. It became really exciting, I had to keep going.”