Ghostface Killah & Raekwon

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Ghostface Killah & Raekwon

Dillon Cooper, Jung Youth

Tuesday, July 28

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Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
It’s been close to two decades since RAEKWON THE CHEF dropped his pivotal solo debut, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (a.k.a. “The Purple Tape”). The project changed the game of ’95, as Hip-Hop reached a crossroads where street philosophies and the lap of luxury didn’t see eye-to-eye. Raekwon bridged that gap. The Shaolin native and Wu-Tang legionnaire cracked the code of the streets and managed to strike a balance, keeping all corners of the rap game happy. He details that journey in his upcoming documentary, Purple Tape Files, making the move from music maker to filmmaker. While Raekwon is delving further into his outside interests, his music remains a focal point. The Chef who kept us fed for 20 summers is back with his sixth solo album, FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART (F.I.L.A.), once again tying worlds together and reclaiming his spot as the artist who can do it all.

From the moment RAEKWON’s legendary slick vocals pierce through FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART, it’s clear that when it comes to his delivery, ain’t a damn thang changed. “I always know I have to keep my signature flow,” Raekwon acknowledges, “but I also have to consistently take it to the next level.”

Being Executive Produced by RAEKWON and Jerry Wonda, the 12-track offering (with an additional bonus track on the Best Buy version) comes with an A-list cast of co-stars, which has always played in RAEKWON’s favor. Guest appearances include bars from Ghostface Killah, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ro$$, while production is handled by producers such as Wonda, Scram Jones, and Swizz Beatz, to name a few. Even from his earliest days riding with the Wu-Tang Clan on their Platinum-plus classic Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Rae managed to shine in the midst of a crowd of wordsmiths. Rae’s on almost every track of that album – a huge feat when the Wu mentality was to have the hardest bars thrive on the cuts. You already know who survived, so having accessory verses on his project only enhances the experience, without eclipsing it.

In the case of FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART, RAEKWON put on his A&R cap, working with a solid stable of producers to tailor make beats for all of his guests. “In my mind, as an artist, I’m still an A&R,” he says, “So I know what sounds will complement each artist.” Take the plush S1 and Jerry Wonda-produced, “I Got Money,” where A$AP Rocky brings his most impressive bars to date, over a soundbed designed for him to recline on. “Me knowing the whole persona of A$AP Mob, what they do and who they are, I had to get a beat that would at least complement what they’re about. But then hearing me on it, he’s probably like ‘damn I’m with the OG. What the fuck I’ma do since he still sounds like what we’d expect.’” Rocky rose to the occasion. “For the most part, a lot of people tell me I inspire them when I come around,” Raekwon says. “But I think more importantly, I had to sit back as an artist and figure out how I can adjust with them. They lookin’ up to me, but I’m looking up to them as well on their level of what they’re creating.”

It’s a common theme on FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART — where neophytes and veteran acts all push themselves to their limits lyrically, flanked by a Chef who always comes to cook. On the She The God-produced “Wall To Wall,” French Montana brings a howling hook, but even supercharges his flow to a voltage suitable for competing with RAEKWON. An assist from mentor Busta Rhymes makes the mission complete. Rick Ross and Ghostface do the same on “Revory,” as Raekwon recalls a call from Ross after hearing the beat and triumphantly declaring, “Yo. This is the one!”

Those next level linguistics are woven throughout FLY INTERNATONAL LUXURIOUS ART, where legends that have arguably been maintaining, bring a resurge to their respective styles. Take a track like the Scoop DeVille-produced “1,2,1,2” where Snoop Dogg brings bars fresh enough to show up on “Deep Cover,” they feel so brand new.

The solo cuts are just as deep, with the S1-produced, “Live To Die,” being a welcomed return to RAEKWON’s knack for story-telling, as the cryptic title reveals that not everything has a happy ending.

In FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART’s case, though, it does.

FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART is a reminder that RAEKWON THE CHEF has weathered a storm that has claimed many casualties. Few can say they have a career like his, where decades can pass from the start and the vibe is still as strong as Day One. He’s merged two worlds of Hip-Hop on F.I.L.A.: the product and the promise, and the result is another classic in the making.

RAEKWON has witnessed unbridled success, both as part of the Wu-Tang Clan and a solo artist. His multi-Platinum and Gold certified projects across the board have set a standard for Hip-Hop. The aforementioned Only Built 4 Cuban Linx was regarded as one of the greatest albums of all-time by Rolling Stone, and one of the greatest Black music albums of all time by The Source. Raekwon has collaborated with rap heavyweights including Outkast and Kanye West, along with newer kings like 2 Chainz, Big Sean and J. Cole. With numbers on the board and hits in pocket, his new project reflects the graduated level of continuity that we’ve come to know and expect from The Chef.

“When it comes to me, I’m always gonna score,” Raekwon says with confidence. “It’s like playing basketball — you know nine times out of ten, I’m good for that three-pointer. I could miss, but I’m like a Ray Allen. When you need me, I’m there.”
Dillon Cooper
Dillon Cooper
At just 21 years old, rapper Dillon Cooper is already taking the world by storm with his startling combination of fresh beats, lyrical prowess, dynamic, energetic flow and his own brand of cool style. Without a doubt, this New York native is set to become a permanent fixture on America's musical landscape.

Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to immigrant parents from the Caribbean, Cooper's passion for music began at an early age. "I love music. I've always loved music. I've listened to music my whole life," he says with a knowing smile which tells you that making music is exactly what Dillon Cooper was born to do.

Cooper didn't start off as a rapper though. In fact, he is a serious musician who played the piano as a child before picking up the guitar at the tender age of seven, continuing through childhood and then more seriously in his teens. "I just thought the guitar was a cool instrument that I wanted to play at that age," he explains.

He was so good at the guitar that his talent led to a place at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston – home to such musical luminaries as super producer Quincy Jones.

However, it was just a few semesters after enrolling that Cooper knew he had to quit. "School really just wasn't for me," he admits. A chance conversation with musical star John Mayer, who'd gone to talk to the college's freshmen students, solidified his decision. Cooper asked Mayer what he would do if he disliked college. Mayer's words of wisdom were: "I would just leave". Cooper took Mayer's word for it and he hasn't looked back since.

Although Dillon Cooper's earliest forays into rap had been "just for fun" he knew he had to take his gift to the next level especially if he wanted to stand out from the other guitarists around him. He started recording demos with a host of local and international producers and eventually shot a video, set in Brooklyn, to Shadows, the track that established him as a force to be reckoned with and got the music industry to sit up and notice this fresh-faced wonder.

After posting the video to his Facebook and YouTube pages, Shadows went viral online. It was then brought to the attention of legendary rapper Jadakiss who loved the song and posted it on his blog as well as throwing in a retweet! Things took off from there. Cooper started racking up thousands of views online and has been developing a strong and loyal fan base from all over the world ever since.

Of course, this attention is no surprise to Cooper who prides himself on the time and effort he puts into his rhymes. "When I'm rapping I'll think about the message I'm trying to put across and I'll think about how to make it catchier or how to add that rhythm and swing," he explains. "I just want to push the envelope… listeners shouldn't have to just settle for mediocre content."

Cooper thinks a lot about his audience and how his music will impact them. Despite his young age, Cooper's music is timeless, inspired by the personal and the political: "Generally, I just try to talk about stuff that I've been through and that I'm going through which older people can relate to because they've been through it and people who are my age can relate to because they are going through the exact same thing or feel that same way because we're in the same group. I try to put it in a way that anybody can latch onto and say ok, I get this".

Sonically, mix a little Kendrick Lamar and Drake; add a sprinkle of Lupe Fiasco's conscious lyrical clarity and the urban edginess of A.S.A.P. Rocky then you'll begin to get some idea of what Dillon Cooper sounds like. He brings an old school hip-hop vibe, with a new school hip-hop attitude, which is radio-friendly enough for everyone to enjoy.

But while he counts a number of rappers as his influences and inspirations - "I love Jay-Z. I love Big L. J Cole is dope. Wale is dope. Eminem by far is one of my favorite rappers of all time…." - he is very much an individual. "I just want to bring me to the table." And you can hear him, unmistakably, in everything he does.

The rapper has already predicted his own future: "When I pay them loans back, and when I'm in them magazines, that's when Berklee gonna send me that honorary degree" he rhymes. Many already believe him.

Dillon Cooper may be only 21 years old, but his music stands with some of the best of what's out there already. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Dillon Cooper is on his way to the top.
Jung Youth
Jung Youth
Jung Youth is the moniker of Nashville-based recording artist Justin Donahue and his band.

"Jung Youth’s newest EP is one of the most accessible records I’ve heard in Nashville hip-hop this year. It’s pure pop enjoyment, with a surprising amount of depth and musicality."