Sure do, we’re required to follow THESE RULES by the TABC and Beer Boards. We also have a costume policy:
  • All customers must be identifiable upon entry. Security staff must be able to easily match your appearance to your ID photo
  • Masks and face paint are allowed ONLY if security staff can easily match your appearance to your ID photo
  • MMW reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who cannot be easily identified or dressed in a manner deemed offensive or inappropriate
  • No props (ie handheld items such as staffs or plastic weapons)
  • All standard venue policies will apply including no spiked jewelry, chains, whips or weapons. Real or costume
  • Shoes must be on your feet at all times
  • Everyone has to wear a shirt
  • Clothing cannot be mesh, transparent, or see-through
  • No overexposure or indecency (No exposed areolas, side boob, underboob, butt cheeks, groin or “triangular vortex”)
  • No gang signs, hate speech or violence
  • All outfits must be in accordance with TN Blue Laws and TABC Laws. Being unaware of the law does not exempt any persons from the law
  • No loose glitter
  • No face masks, face paint or other identity altering items
  • If your mama would be ashamed to see you in it, don’t wear it